Fox Hunting Attire

If you are planning on coming to one of our ‘Open Days’, you’re in luck – just come as you are!

The minimum equipment that you need to attend an open day is to an approved riding helmet and footwear suitable for riding such as boots with a heel. For your horse, you just need the appropriate tack to be able to control who may be excited while riding in a group with other horses – this can be done with either English or Western tack.

However, once the fox hunting bug has taken hold of you and you decide to partake in our wonderful sport more frequently you may feel the need (and encouraged!) to obtain a more traditional style of both fox hunting apparel and tack for you and your horse. It must be stressed that this is not something you have to purchase in one go when you first start out hunting, but can be slowly built up over the years as time and finances allow.

An approved riding helmet is always a must while mounted.

The first 3 hunts in July, as well as our July hound roading mornings are polo shirts and breeches. Following our Opening Hunt in early August, attire is “Ratcatcher.” Ratcatcher is basically what you might wear in the show ring…boots, breeches and a jacket.

Formal season begins with the Blessing of the Hunt in September. Formal attire is a black coat, black boots and buff breeches. This attire is requested only on Saturdays during formal season. Ratcatcher is still fine during the week.

Please don’t feel intimidated by a dress code, it’s a lot simpler that you might think!