Hunting in Northern Ohio would not be possible without the support and generosity of our land owners.  We would very much appreciate if we can return their support of our hunting with the support of their businesses, details of which follow:

Local businesses and land owners of Middlefield Ohio:

Kempf’s Custom Butchering – Amish owned and operated, suppliers of the best cuts of meat for our members and even our hounds!  To order, please call (440)-693-9913 to speak to and place your order with Rudy Kempf.

South Farm – Stables located in Middlefield OH and the location of one of our hunt fixtures and our annual Poker Ride. Known primarily for holding several Combined Tests and Clinics through out the year, they can also offer horse boarding and over night stabling. Contact them directly at 440-346-5138 or for more information.

Stables and Horse Trainers that hunt with the Chagrin Valley Hunt on a regular basis:

Durkee Hill Stables – located in Middlefield OH, conveniently close to most of our hunt fixtures.  Durkee Hill offers adult English riding and fox hunting lessons, fox hunting lease horses as well as trail riding opportunities in local parks.  Durkee Hill also provides hunt training for horse and rider, transportation to hunts and local shows.  Contact Lana Volk at 440.773.9418 or

Hotels and Accommodation:

There are quite a few options for spending the night to suit all budgets of which we unfortunately have no affiliation.  Suggestions in no particular order include:

Airbnb search in the Middlefield and Burton OH areas

Bass Lake Taverne & Inn, Chardon, OH 44024

Punderson Manor, Newbury Township, OH 44065

Red Maple Inn, Burton, OH 44021

Closely associated with our hunt, we also have:

A sister hunt that uses beagles on foot (rather than our fox hounds on horseback) and hunt around our hunt kennels located in Gates Mills, OH.

More information can be found by visiting their website at Chagrin Valley Beagles.

Located in beautiful Gates Mills next to our kennels, the ‘Hunt club’ is available for hosting weddings and other events.  The ‘Hunt Club’ is a separate entity to our ‘Hunt’, so please contact them directly for more information; Chagrin Valley Hunt Club.

For more information on hunting, we suggest:

You may find more information on fox hunting through the governing body of our sport in North America; The Masters of Foxhounds Association.

Feel free to follow the Chagrin Valley Hunt on social media for all the latest news, events and posts from our members!  You can find us on:

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