Poker Ride

2020 Horseback Poker Ride
Date and Time Coming Soon!


Equestrian Poker Ride
Presented by
The Chagrin Valley Hunt and The Chagrin Valley Trails & Riding Club

2020 Date and Time Coming Soon!

Teams of 2-3 riders
cost is $35 per rider

Collect your poker hand on a scenic trail ride
Jumps are optional
Cash prizes awarded for best 3 hands
Prize for best outfit
Tailgate lunch to follow courtesy of:
Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supplies

Big Dee's Tack & Vet Supplies

Proceeds benefit the Hounds and Beagles of the Chagrin Valley Hunt, as well as the Chagrin Valley Trails & Riding Club

Please let us know if you plan to attend
and secure your Pre-Registration Bonus Ticket!
RSVP your team name and number of riders to:
call or text Jessica 330-283-1674
Approved safety helmet required

Download and Print Registration – 1 form per rider required

Want to help spread the word?
Download and print the event flyer.


What is the early registration bonus? Register your team before the event and get a special bonus ticket that will allow you to swap out any single card to a new card at the end of the ride. Got a great hand going but have one bum card? Use your ticket to discard a single card from your teams hand and draw a new card from the deck. No Backsies!

How long is the ride? The final length of the course is dependent on the expected footing conditions at the time of the ride but we try for a course of 3 to 4 miles in length.

What is the terrain like? The course is all on private property and consists of mostly dirt trails through woods and along the edges only of open fields. Natural terrain includes up and down hills, brook crossings.

What about jumping? Jumping is optional and riders are only allowed to jumped marked jumps on course. You will be notified as to what marking to look for at the registration table. Jumps for this course include a mixture of natural colored wooden coops, logs and stone walls ranging from as low as 12″ through 2’6″. All jumps are easily bypassed on the trails.

What if I want to go faster than the team ahead of me? Passing is fine. Kindly call up to the team ahead of you and ask to pass. Please allow them an opportunity to find a safe area to step off the trail prior to overtaking them. To those who are being passed please be sure to allow reasonable space and if possible turn your horses head towards the trail (tail away from passing riders).