Come Ride With Us! Alternate

Located on the East side of Cleveland, we are currently the only active fox hunt in northern Ohio and as it happens one of the oldest hunts in the United States, continually hunting since 1908.

Fox hunting is a sport that is suitable for people of all ages and can easily be enjoyed by most, if not all competent horse and rider combinations.  When hunting, all riders are split into different groups  called ‘Fields’ or ‘Flights’ based upon you or your horses comfort level.

First Flight – they try to keep as close to the huntsman as they can as he works and follows his hounds.  This is typically a fast pace ride (walk, trot and canter) where jumping is often necessary to keep up the huntsman.  Our jumps vary by location, but get in touch with one of our Masters or staff who can let you know of our hunting locations where the jumps may be less intimidating if that is of concern to you.

Second Flight – they also try to keep up with the huntsman as best as they can, but without jumping.  So this is again a fast pace (walk, trot and canter) but often take alternate routes or use gates to get around obstacles that first flight has decided to jump.

Third flight – we have many senior members of our hunt who have an excellent idea of where the hounds might be going and therefore prefer to follow our hounds at a slower pace.  They are able to get into good positions from where to see all the action, without the need to closely follow the huntsman.  Often called ‘Hilltoppers’ from seeking the high ground to look at the busy action down below and all around them.

If you love to trail ride, then you’ll love riding to follow our hounds wherever it is they may take us!  As mentioned earlier, jumping is most definitely optional and not required, with plenty of gates available when needed.

If you love to hunter pace, then you’ll love riding over natural terrain at speed, with many inviting and safe and non-intimidating jumps available!

If you love to jump, then we have plenty of jumps!  Downed trees, coops and other natural obstacles are far more fun than any fake flower box jumps you may have encountered in a show ring!

The best bit however – making new and then regularly meeting old friends who love horses as much as you do for good food and merry times post riding, or simply because it’s a Thursday after work!  It’s a very social non competitive sport enjoyed all over the world, especially here in the USA.

We’d love to have you join us and we know you’d love it once you try it, so why not come out and give it a try!  

Members are available to answer any other questions, concerns or help through any reservations you may have via our Chagrin Valley Hunt Facebook Group.  Alternatively, please do get in contact with one of our Masters who’ll be more than happy to personally help you.

Like and follow our Facebook Page to ensure you are kept up to date with all the public events and the latest happenings of the Chagrin Valley Hunt.

We look forward to helping you discover the fun that can be had with our wonderful sport!